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June is Warming Up, Time to Jump in the River!

The Midwest scrap market has had more than its fair share of challenges in 2015.  Even though B.L. Duke expects Midwest ferrous scrap prices to rise in June, this does little to restore us to the levels realized in 2014.  With market troubles still weighing heavily on our industry, companies must think outside the box and create […]


February Scrap Forecast: Will We Feel the Love?

Unlike the prior three months, there is a fair amount of uncertainty regarding February’s scrap market.  Continuing extreme weather conditions as well as lack of export demand have combined to make February’s scrap pricing difficult to predict. It goes without saying that this winter has been absolutely horrendous in the Midwest.  The Chicago area is […]


August 2013 Scrap Forecast

After what felt like an eternity of depressed scrap prices, July’s pricing increase was long overdue. As we plod through the dog days of summer, the industry’s attention turns to August. The question on everyone’s mind is will July’s momentum continue in August? It is our opinion at B.L. Duke that while we will not […]

Chicago’s Scrap Metal Forecast: June Gloom

“June Gloom” is a term most often used to describe an early summer weather pattern in Southern California.  In the case of Chicago-land’s June scrap metal market I believe “June Gloom” is particularly fitting.  After March’s price increase, we have experienced two consecutive months of declines and unfortunately June appears ready to produce much of the same.  All indications that we […]

Chicago’s Scrap Market: Past, Present, Future

While the demand for non-ferrous metals has been better as of late, ferrous scrap metal’s demand has been underwhelming to say the least.  The wild volatility that plagued the market in 2012 seems like a distant memory.  From May of 2012 – November 2012, Chicago’s #1 Heavy Melt (American Metal Market) realized a minimum of […]

Is the Manufacturing Sector Running Out of Momentum?

Many experts claim that the economic recovery that’s been recently fueled by U.S. manufacturers is not only slowing down, but that it’s almost at a standstill. There are many factors that indicate such a possibility, but no definitive conclusions have yet emerged. The Factors Because of the overall instability of the global marketplace, exports are […]


The U.S. Manufacturing Economy Continues to Expand

Despite the still shaky economic recovery, there’s definitely some good news out there: American manufacturing is on a steady and consistent rebound according to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), a not-for-profit research organization that compiles data to determine the rate of manufacturing output from month to month. Their conclusion? They show steady increases in […]