June 2024 Scrap Metal Pricing

* Last Updated June 10, 2024


Commodity Joliet Forest View Unit
Shred $155 $155 NT
Unprepared Steel $155 $155 NT
Sheet Iron $155 $155 NT
Auto Cast $310 $310 NT
Unprepared Machine $135 $135 NT


Commodity Price Unit
Aluminum Cans $0.40 LB
Bare Mixed Clips $0.45 LB
Clean Extrusions $0.65 LB
Painted Extrusions $0.45 LB
Junk Shop Extrusions $0.30 LB
Painted Siding $0.35 LB
Aluminum Radiators $0.22 LB
Dirty Aluminum Radiators $0.12 LB
Clean Sheet Aluminum $0.25 LB
Cast Aluminum $0.25 LB
Aluminum Breakage $0.10 LB
Aluminum Turnings $0.15 LB
AL Auto Rims $0.55 LB
AL Truck Rims $0.45 LB
AL Chrome Rims $0.40 LB


Commodity Price Unit
Yellow Brass and Bronze Solids $2.20 LB
Red Brass Solids $2.65 LB
Brass Breakage $0.55 LB
Brass Turnings $1.80 LB


Commodity Price Unit
Bare Bright Copper $3.80 LB
#1 Copper $3.70 LB
#2 Copper $3.55 LB
#3 Copper $3.40 LB
#1 Insulated CU Wire -88% $2.90 LB
House Wire $2.60 LB
Copper CATV $0.60 LB
Heavy Communication Wire $1.60 LB
Open Eye Heliax $1.50 LB
Harness Wire $1.25 LB
Communication Wire $1.30 LB
Extension Cords $0.70 LB
Christmas Lights $0.30 LB
Copper Breakage $0.15 LB

Stainless Steel

Commodity Price Unit
Stainless Steel Breakage $0.10 LB
Stainless Steel $0.30 LB
*316 Stainless Steel $0.45 LB

*Joliet Location Only

Mixed Metals

Commodity Price Unit
Ballast $0.12 LB
Auto Batteries $0.07 LB
Electric Motors $0.23 LB
Sealed Units $0.18 LB
Lead Breakage $0.10 LB
Lead $0.40 LB
Clean Aluminum Copper Radiators $1.70 LB
Dirty Aluminum Copper Radiators $1.50 LB
Auto Radiators $2.10 LB
Dirty Auto Radiators $0.90 LB
Dirty Copper Transformers $0.14 LB


Commodity Price Unit
Zinc Solids $0.40 LB
Zinc Breakage $0.10 LB

*Prices are subject to change due to changes in markets or availability of orders.

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