Aurora Scrap Metal Recycling Solutions

At BL Duke, we extend our expert scrap metal recycling services to Aurora, IL, offering a partnership that spans across manufacturers, service centers, scrap dealers, brokers, and individuals engaged in construction, demolition, or simply looking to recycle. Though our facilities are nestled in Joliet and Forest View, our dedication brings us closer to you in Aurora, ensuring your recycling needs are met with precision and professionalism.

What We Recycle

BL Duke provides a complete range of scrap metal recycling services in Aurora for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, designed to meet the needs of everyone from Aurora’s largest manufacturers to the individual recycler. We’ll focus on your scrap metal so you can focus on your business. We create customized scrap metal recycling programs in Aurora with unsurpassed service and competitive pricing. BL Duke will manage your program to maximize the value of your recyclables – all while delivering real-time access to scrap receivables through our customer portal.

At BL Duke, we are more than just a metal recycler; we are company dedicated to sustainable practices, community engagement, and the maximization of value for your recyclables. Ready to partner with the leading name in scrap metal recycling? Reach out today and let’s make Aurora a greener place, together.

Ferrous Scrap Metals

Non-ferrous Scrap Metals

Your Local Metal Recycling Partner: Closer Than You Think

Our strategic locations in Joliet and Forest View position us ideally to serve Aurora, bridging the gap with services that feel local and dedicated. Whether you’re 20 miles away in Joliet or 40 miles out in Forest View, BL Duke is your go-to for scrap metal recycling, combining convenience with top-tier service.

Aurora Scrap Metal Recycling

Equipment That Gets the Job Done

Understanding that each recycling need in Aurora is unique, BL Duke’s team will perform on-site assessments to outfit your premises with the right recycling equipment to meet your metal recycling needs. In addition, our fabrication shop can customize equipment based on your specifications ensure your recycling process is efficient and effective.

Flat Bed

Flat Bed

and other Heavy Haul Equipment

55 Gallon Drum

55 Gallon Drum

and other In-Plant Equipment


Proximity to Aurora: Our Forest View and Joliet locations are conveniently located 40 and 20 miles from Aurora, respectively, making us your nearest and most reliable scrap metal recycling partner. Find us.

BL Duke recycles ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, catering to Aurora’s diverse recycling needs.

BL Duke offers the highest scrap metal prices to Aurora manufacturers, service centers, demolition and construction companies. We provide indexed, fixed and spot pricing solutions. Get in touch with us for the latest pricing and maximize the value of your recyclables in Aurora.

We also partner with Aurora’s general public. Our public pricing is updated regularly in both English and Spanish.

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