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With BL Duke as your recycling partner, you can count on flexibility every step of the way. We offer indexed, fixed, and spot pricing solutions—we’ll customize your pricing and payment program to best fit your business.

Fixed pricing

We understand there is a high level of uncertainty and price volatility in the metal commodity markets. To help our clients protect their bottom line and secure profit margins, BL Duke offers fixed pricing options for an extended period.  The term of the fixed price deal can be for as short at three (3) months up to a maximum of twelve (12) months with a minimum volume of 20 gross tons monthly, regardless of market conditions. You no longer have to accept price risk by floating with the market. With our fixed price solution, you are in control.

How does it work?

Similar to an index price, however, you will no longer float with the market from month to month. The key difference is you will have a fixed price known at the start of our agreement for the defined period that you request.

Index pricing

When generating a consistent type and volume of scrap metal, index pricing may be the best solution for your business. Index pricing, the most common pricing structure, is formula based and calculated from a published, third-party index. Prices are effective for a uniform period, and they will be shared with your team based on our agreement schedule. Index prices add a level of pricing transparency. You can rest assured that your prices are moving with the monthly pricing position.

Spot pricing

Spot prices are based on current market conditions. The determined value is based against the day and time of quote and is subject to change without a verbal or written agreement. This pricing solution is ideal for low frequency types of scrap metal.

Scrap Metal Pricing

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