National Scrap Management

Streamline operations to a single vendor

Count on BL Duke to consolidate and manage recycling programs for your geographically dispersed scrap producing facilities.

Strategic Partnership

Strong Mill Relationships

Our extensive network of industry connections ensures we can connect you directly to scrap dealers, steel mills, and end users.

Vertically Integrated

BL Duke is independent of any single steel mill, enabling us to access multiple regions and secure the best prices for you.

Customer Portal

BL Duke is independent of any single steel mill, enabling us to access multiple regions and secure the best prices for you.

Load Details

BL Duke’s customer portal provides comprehensive load details across multiple locations, offering users real-time information. Customers can easily access data about weight, material types, and payment status. This feature ensures clients are always informed about their scrap metal activities, enhancing transparency and enabling efficient management of their recycling programs.

Historical Data

The customer portal also offers access to extensive historical data, allowing users to review past shipments and transactions. This archive enables clients to analyze trends, track performance over time, and make informed decisions based on historical insights. Having this data readily available helps in strategic planning and optimizing future operations.

Increased Visibility

Increased visibility is a key advantage of BL Duke’s customer portal, providing clients with a clear and transparent view of their scrap metal receivable. The portal’s user-friendly interface allows customers to monitor their scrap management and recycling processes in real time. This heightened transparency fosters trust and collaboration, ensuring that customers are always aware of their material’s journey and status.

Tailored Solutions

BL Duke’s flexible and customizable scrap management programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Trusted Industry Leader

With decades of experience, BL Duke has earned a reputation as a reliable and respected partner in the scrap management industry.


Seasoned team with deep industry knowledge.


Consistent, high-quality service you can count on.


Unwavering commitment to ethical and transparent practices.

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