Triple Threat Logistics

Unrivaled Efficiencies: Barge, Truck and Rail

BL Duke is the only privately owned recycling company in Chicago-land with the ability to transport by barge, rail, and truck. Transportation efficiencies allow us to pay more for your scrap metal, and ensure the highest levels of sustainability and safety.  

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Barge Transportation

Barge transportation is the most efficient and safest means of transporting bulk commodities.  This efficiency enables us to pay the highest prices for your scrap metals while supporting your sustainability goals.  Our company owned barges and barge docks located at our 69 acre Joliet, IL facility, deliver direct access to inland waterways and premium markets outside of the Midwest.  Plus, BLDRT, a division of BL Duke, allows us to offer competitive transloading and backhaul programs.

Barge Efficiency
Joliet Rail

Rail Transportation

Rail transportion delivers another unrivaled, cost and energy efficient mode of transportation.  Our Class 1 rail, serviced by the CN, reaches both our 69 acre scrap metal facility and 250,000 sq. ft. non-ferrous warehouse, located in Joliet, IL.   Rail transport allows us to reach mills and foundries outside of the Midwest that are not accessible by barge or truck.

Truck Transportation

With a fleet of  110 trucks, 24 hour pick-up service, GPS route insight, and on-site maintenance and fabrication departments, BL Duke takes logistics to the next level.  Our experienced dispatch team ensures our customer’s needs and mill commitments are met.  We also have the equipment and experience to pick-up oversized, overweight, heavy haul loads.

BL Duke Truck

Sustainability & Safety Goals

BL Duke Truck


  • Barge transport is the most efficient and cost effective mode of transportation.
  • Moving cargo by barge is the best bet for reducing the carbon footprint because barges generate far fewer emissions than trucks or rail.
    • A rail car emits 26% more CO2 per million ton miles than a a barge
    • A truck emits 90% more CO2 per million ton miles than a a barge


  • Our inland waterways system moves goods more safely and efficiently than rail or highway.
  • Barge transport reduces the number of transportation-related injuries and fatalities.
    • 1 barge is equivalent of 17 rail cars or 70 truck loads.
  • Barge transport also results in fewer spills, which are more than double by truck and nearly three times by rail.

Fuel Efficient

  • Barge transport has the lowest cost and the least fuel consumption among surface transportation.
  • Barges move cargo 675 ton-miles per gallon of fuel. Ton-miles per gallon are the measure of how far each ton of cargo is carried by a single gallon of fuel.
    • A rail car is 30% less fuel efficient than a barge
    • A truck is 78% less fuel efficient than a barge

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