Expanded Logistics

Unrivaled Efficiencies

We are the only privately owned recycling company in Chicago capable of transporting by barge, rail, shipping container, and truck. Our transportation efficiencies allow us to pay the highest scrap metal prices while ensuring the highest levels of sustainability and safety.

Barge Transportation

Rail Transportation

1. Transportation Efficiency

Rail transport extends our ability to manage large volumes of scrap metal efficiently. Known for its unmatched cost-effectiveness, rail transport enables us to streamline operations and reduce expenses, further benefiting our recycling partners.

2. Infrastructure Capacity

The operation includes two Class 1 rail spurs serviced by Our two Class 1 rail spurs, serviced by CN, connect directly to our 69-acre scrap metal facility and 250,000 sq. ft. non-ferrous warehouse. Our Joliet, IL facilities have the capacity to store up to 15 railcars.

3. Strategic Reach

We strategically utilize rail transport to reach mills and foundries located outside of the Midwest, in areas not accessible by barge or truck. This capability allows us to expand our market reach and partner with a broader consumer base.

Shipping Containers

Truck Transportation

1. Full Fleet

With a fleet of 110 trucks, 24-hour pick-up service, GPS route tracking, and on-site maintenance and fabrication departments, BL Duke elevates logistics to the next level.

2. Reliable Service

We recognize that service is paramount. Our extensive fleet and experienced dispatch team ensure our customers’ needs and mill commitments are met.

3. In-House Maintenance

We operate three in-house maintenance and fabrication facilities to guarantee the upkeep and safety of our equipment.

Unrivaled Facility

Optimized Logistics

We have significantly streamlined our logistics between our Forest View and Joliet, IL locations by utilizing our company-owned, dedicated barges. This strategy removes approximately 200 trucks from the roads each month. The establishment of our Forest View barge dock in late 2023 was crucial in enhancing our logistical operations, leading to increased safety, reduced fuel consumption, and improved overall efficiency.

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