Scrap Metal Recycling Forest View

Forest View Scrap Metal Recycling Yard

Count on B.L. Duke to create customized scrap metal recycling programs with unsurpassed service and competitive pricing. We’ll manage your program to maximize the value of your recyclables and evolve with your needs with every step. All while delivering real-time access to scrap receivables and cutting-edge industry insights.  From paying top dollar scrap steel prices to scheduling scrap metal pick-up, BL Duke is Forest View’s leading full service scrap metal recycling company.

 We recycle a variety of materials at our Forest View recycling center including ferrous scrap metal, foundry grades, copper, brass/red metals, aluminum, stainless steel, specialty metals, e-scrap, plus we also recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, and wood.  Learn more about our recycling programs.

Let us review your scrap metal recycling program and we’ll show you why we’re the fastest growing scrap metal recycling service in the Chicagoland area.

Ferrous Scrap MetalCopperPaper
Foundry GradesBrass/Red MetalsPlastic
Stainless SteelSpecialty MetalsWood