B.L.-Dukes-Forest-View-Recycling-FacilityB.L. Duke has expanded their scrap operations to southwest suburban, Forest View, IL and finalized the installation of a Galland Henning FM-3 Baler.   According to Sean Davidson in the American Metal Market article, Chicago-area Scrap yard completes expansion“B.L. Duke aims to process 10,000 tons of ferrous scrap at its nine acre facility in Forest View, Ill.”

The facility and 5,000 sq. ft. office complex was chosen due to its strategic proximity to major interstates and its barge and container access.    “The City of Forest View is very happy to have B.L. Duke as the newest recycling company in our city,” says Frank Yurka, Administrative Director for the Village of Forest View.  “Their growth has produced jobs in our community.”

The installation of the Galland Henning FM-3 Baler completes B.L. Duke’s final phase of its Forest View expansion.  It also provides B.L. Duke the ability to process and market Dealer Bundles, a mill prime grade of scrap metal.  “Chicago is still a manufacturing town, and our new baler allows us to be more competitive in the prime grades of scrap that are abundant here,” says Lou Plucinski President and CEO of B.L. Duke.  The baler, a massive machine with a gross weight exceeding 430,000 lbs., can produce 45 tons of bundles per hour at full efficiency with each bale weighing an average of 1.5 tons.

The facility’s proximity to Chicago and ease of access has proven to be desirable for B.L. Duke’s demolition and contractor customers and efficient for its industrial base operations.  It also provides a safe, dedicated area for the general public selling their recyclables.  B.L. Duke’s Forest View facility accepts both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cardboard, paper, plastic and e-scrap.  They accept material from local business, contractors, and the general public.   For more information or for current pricing please contact B.L. Duke today.