Logistical Advantage

Efficiency by barge and rail

BL Duke is one of the only industrial recycling companies in the Chicago area that has the ability to transport scrap metal by barge, rail, or truck. What does this mean for our customers? Greater transportation efficiencies that allow us to pay more for your scrap. In addition, we have the capability to reach mills that aren’t accessible by truck.

Our convenient locations in Forest View and Joliet, Illinois are both perfectly located on Des Plaines River and nestled between multiple major highways. Combined, our yards are equipped with two barge docks, two rail spurs, and three ferrous balers. Due to our position on the water, BL Duke delivers a competitive advantage when transporting to premium markets, especially when it comes to mills and foundries outside of the midwest.

Cost-efficient way to transport

Our optimal location on the Des Plaines River delivers direct access to the inland waterway and abroad. This mode of transportation is cost-efficient, safe, and more environmentally friendly. One barge is equivalent to 17 rail cars or 70 truckloads. BL Duke River Terminal, a division of BL Duke, positions us to provide final mile delivery and backhaul programs with our fleet of 50 trucks and growing.

Barge Transport

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