Copper & Brass Descriptions

These specifications derive from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and are internationally accepted and used throughout the world to trade commodities.

Bare Bright 

Consists of clean, untinned, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire and cable, free of burnt wire.  Wire gage subject to agreement between buyer and seller. Free of copper tubing.  

Copper Wire Recycling

No. 1 Copper 

Consists of clean, untinned, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire and cable, burnt wire, and clean copper tubing.  Wire gage subject to agreement between buyer and seller. 
Copper Recycling

No. 2 Copper

Consists of miscellaneous, unalloyed copper wire and tubing having a nominal 96% copper content. Excessively leaded tinned, soldered, copper wire, brass and bronze wire, excessive oil content, iron, and non-metallics, copper wire from burning, insulation, hair wire, brittle burnt wire, and should be reasonably free of ash. 

Copper Recycling

No. 3 Copper

Consists of miscellaneous unalloyed copper scrap having a nominal 92% copper content. This includes sheet copper, gutters, kettles, boilers, downspouts and similar scrap. 

Copper Recycling

Insulated Copper Wire

Consists of various types of insulation over copper wire. To be bought and sold on a recovery basis.  

Copper Wire Recycling

Copper Bearing Scrap 

Consists of miscellaneous copper-containing skimmings, grindings, ashes, irony brass and copper, residues, and slag. Shall be free of insulated wire, copper chlorides, and unprepared tangled material.   

Brass Recycling

Yellow Brass 

Contains a minimum of 60% copper and maximum 5% iron. Shall be free of insulated wire, grindings, electrotype shells and non-metallics.  

Copper Recycling

Red Brass  

Consists of red brass valves, machinery.  Shall be free of semi-red brass castings. No piece to measure over 12” over any part or weigh more than 100 lbs.  

Brass Recycling

Brass Clips 

Consists of brass alloy stamping or sheet material. Purchase agreed by the buyer and seller based on the alloy type of the material. 

Brass and Copper Recycling

Brass Turnings 

Consists of scrap borings or turnings alloyed with copper, tin, bismuth, and zinc. Turnings shall be unmixed and less than 0.2% alloyed lead.  

Brass Turnings Recycling

Brass Shells 

Consists of clean fired 70/30 brass shell cases free of primers and any other foreign material. All shells must be sufficiently mutilated to prevent reuse and reloading. 

Amunition Recycling

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